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Saga Cruises

The Purehold PRO Hygienic Door Handle was initially trialled on the Pearl II in early 2016 following an internal review regarding Norovirus and how to combat it. After a successful trial, a total of 22 x PRO Handles have since been installed in public toilets across both the Pearl II and Sapphire as an additional barrier to protect their customers and staff in their constant endevours to meet the highest possible standards.

  • “It has now been over two weeks since we have had the Purehold PRO handles installed in two toilets on Promenade deck, and I would like to give you some feedback on this. Overall I think is a very good product: we have not had even one guest negative comment, they seem to have received it well, no issues at all.  It is a very easy item to maintain; we only had to refill one of the handles in Ladies toilet, and did that without problems. It also helps us a lot, as we can now discontinue using a hand wipes, which was kind of a hassle for everybody.”
    [Saga – Housekeeping Manager]
  • “I think passengers really appreciate that we put such a stress on the hygiene on our ship.”
    [Saga – Hotel Purchasing Manager]

The human hand is one of the primary causes for the spread of contaminants. By incorporating the gel dispenser into the door handle it ensures that anyone who exits risk areas (such as toilets) will use the sanitising hand gel, thus helping to reduce the risk of comtamination spreading. With over 1,000 handles now installed around the UK, the Purehold PRO Handles have been tested in the “field” by major UK food manufactures (including Greencore, Warburtons, Unilever and various M&S suppliers) and many NHS hospitals.  

Leading hotel chain Leisurplex recently rolled out Purehold PRO Handles in all 21 hotels in the UK in order to help reduce the spread of Norovirus. Then hotel chain Daish's quickly followed suit and feedback has been great from the public and staff alike:

  • “Getting great feedback so far from the public.”  
    [Richard Garrett - General Manager - Daish's Bournemouth Sands Hotel]
  • “The handles are getting very positive reviews from the guests who all think they are fantastic.”
    [Sian Ellis – General Manager – Leisureplex Queens Hotel]
  • “I visited the Hydro Hotel in Llandudno last week and I was very impressed with your “hygiene handle” and a number of our guests commented to the General Manager and I about how great they were too. Hence, I want to roll out the use of these handles throughout the hotel estate.”
    [Karen Sawbridge, Operations Director - Leisureplex Hotels Ltd]

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Marginal Gains from hand hygiene?
A top premiership club has recently installed Hygienic Door Handles into its training ground facility as part of a suite of measures to improve marginal gains.


A nine per cent reduction in infection rates as a result of improved hand hygiene could save the NHS £140 million per annum and, most importantly, 450 lives

[The economic case: Implementing near-patient alcohol hand rub your trust, NPSA 2004]


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