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Queen Alexandra Hospital

The Purehold PRO hygienic door handle prototypes were initially trialled at Queen Alexandra Hospital in September 2011 (V1 prototype) and August 2012 (V2 prototype) before currently trialing the final "production version" of the Hygiene Handle in February/March 2013. Results of both prototype trails can be found below. Production version trial results will be published at completion of the current trial.



Prototype V2 Trial - August 2012

Eight Purehold PRO Handles were installed during August 2012 onto 5 separate ward-entry locations and 3 internal locations within the hospital, including the Neonatal Intensive Care Ward, Maternity Wards and Haematology & Oncology Day Units

The units were originally trialled for a 3 month period, and as before, people using the Purehold PRO Handles were given a short questionnaire and asked for their comments. An overview of the initial data received is as follows. 

Comments for August 2012 trial

  • "I really love these – great idea" (visitor)
  • "All that matters is that they encourage people to clean their hands and if they achieve that then they’ve done a good job" (staff)
  • "I like the gel – it makes my hands soft and is much nicer than the other one we use" (staff)
  • "Get to grips, without the drips!" (patient)
  • "Think this is a fantastic idea, everybody then has hygienic hands" (patient)
  • "Makes you remember everytime!" (patient)
  • "Germs are a scandle if you don't use the handle!" (patient)
  • "Very good idea" (staff)
  • "Great idea!" (patient)
  • "Excellent idea" (patient)
  • "Excellent idea, well done!" (staff)
  • "Great idea" (patient)

Press Coverage for August 2012 trial



Initial Concept / Prototype V1 Trial - September 2011

In the first week, benchmark data was gathered through observation of current hand-hygiene practice.  In the second week three Purehold PRO Handles were installed (one in each location) and the effect on hand-hygiene practice was observed over a two week period.  A sample of people using the Purehold PRO Handles was also given a short questionnaire and asked for their comments.  

DSCF0550.JPG   DSCF0545.JPG   neonatal (after).JPG   staff access (after).JPG   oncology (after).JPG    

Result Summary for September 2011 trial

  • Door entry hand-hygiene compliance increased from 6% to 60% (average across all three trial locations).
  • Door-entry hand-hygiene compliance was much improved by installation of the Purehold PRO Handles in all trial locations. Before installation, door entry compliance ranged from 2% to 9%. With the Purehold PRO installed, door entry compliance was increased to 47% to 66%.
  • Installation of the Purehold PRO Handle had a significant effect on the door-entry hand-hygiene compliance rates of both staff and visitors to the hospital.
  • 88% of people surveyed (both staff and visitors) said that they thought the Purehold PRO Handle was a good idea and that they would like to see more installed around the hospital.

Comments for September 2011 trial

  • “Great idea, loved it, easy to use” (Staff member)
  • “It’s a super idea” (Staff member)
  • “Very Impressive” (Visitor)
  • “Convenient when you’re in a rush” (Staff member)
  • “A lot of people aren’t in the habit of washing their hands, this is an easy way of getting them into the habit” (Staff member)
  • “Genius” (Staff member - Porter)
  • “Love it, think it will force staff and patients to be more aware of hand hygiene” (Staff member)
  • “How posh – I like that ideas – its novel” (Visitor)
  • “An idea like this can turn unhygienic members of staff into hygienic members of staff without them even knowing” (Staff member)
  • “Intelligent effective idea” (Patient)
  •  “I think we should have them on every ward” (Staff member)
  • “Excellent idea.  I’ve noticed in the past so many people ignore the gel dispensers” (Visitor)
  • “I’m loving the gel handles” (Staff member)
  • “I love it, its brilliant. I like the way the gel comes out into your hand” (Staff member)
  • “Put them on doors visitors use rather than staff entrances to increase visitor compliance” 
    (Staff member)
  • “This is really good” (Staff member)
  • “It’s good – makes it mandatory to clean your hands” (Staff member)
  • “Oh, that’s clever” (Staff member - Nurse)
  • “It’s a really good idea” (Staff member)
  •  “Smart and great idea” (Staff member)
  • “Great idea – good luck with it” (Staff member - midwife)
  • “Want one in my house” (Visitor)
  • “They should be on every door” (Staff member)
  • “Great Idea” (Visitor)
  • “That’s clever – now you have no excuse to clean your hands” (Staff member)
  • “Amazing thing isn’t it” (Visitor)
  • “It’s cool – it’s better than the old ones because you touch all sorts of stuff so it ensures cleanliness” (Staff member)
  • “This is brilliant” (Visitor)
  • “Very clever” (Visitor)
  • “Revolutionary” (Staff member)
  • “Very hygienic” (Visitor)
  • “Like the smell” (Visitor)
Press Coverage for September 2011 trial


Marginal Gains from hand hygiene?
A top premiership club has recently installed Hygienic Door Handles into its training ground facility as part of a suite of measures to improve marginal gains.


Viruses can survive on human hands for several hours...

[Professor John Oxford, Royal London Hospital as quoted in the Sunday Times 10th May 2009]


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