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Hotel hygiene is important for the obvious reason that modern guests won’t accept poor levels of hygiene; poor hygiene clearly has a detrimental impact on reputation and occupancy as guests vote with their feet.

Front of house hygiene is where most management teams focus, but neglecting back of house can cost hotels dearly. Staff sickness can have a huge impact on the running of the hotel, exaggerated by staff not being able to return to work until at least 48 hours after symptoms cease. The result is disruption to hotel operations and also the higher cost associated with employing cover staff.

This is why a number of leading hotels are turning to technology to improve back of house hygiene and reduce staff sickness through a modern approach to “hand hygiene” .

The Pure Hold Hygiene Handle is a unique pull door handle that automatically dispenses sanitising gel directly onto the user’s hand as they open the door. Proven to clean hands by 87.5% and kill murine norovirus, they are ideal for back of house within the hotel (such as staff toilets and kitchen areas). Such technology ensures consistent hygiene and gives staff no choice but to sanitise their hands in an attempt to reduce the spread of infections.

The need for action is amplified by the core facts:

  • 80% of infections are spread by touch.
  • 99% of people do not clean their hands for long enough or thoroughly enough to remove infections.
  • We touch up to 300 surfaces every half an hour.
  • Common rule that kitchen staff who suffer from diarrhoea and vomiting are expected to stay off work for 48 hours after the symptoms have subsided.

All of these facts are why it’s more important than ever to reduce the spread of persistent infections like colds, flu and stomach bugs within the hotel environment to keep staff and guests healthy.

From a cost perspective, hygiene handles make clear sense and will save the hotel in the long run by reducing the need to employ additional staff which is a direct consequence of staff illness. It will also reduce the disruption and stress that is caused when core staff are ill.

This is why hotel groups including Saga, Holiday Inn, Leisureplex and Daish's; along with many other hotels have taken the initiative to implement the Hygiene Handles.    



Karen Sawbridge, Operations Director - Leisureplex Group (21 hotels around the UK)

  • “I visited the Hydro Hotel in Llandudno last week and I was very impressed with your hygiene handle and a number of our guests commented to the General Manager and I about how great they were too. Hence, I want to roll out the use of these handles throughout the hotel estate” 

Craig Rose, Executive Head Chef - Whittlebury Hall (a luxury hotel & spa in Northamptonshire)

  • “I first saw the Pure Hold hygienic door handle units whilst on a site visit to a national food manufacturing plant and instantly thought they were a great idea. The added hygiene implications to a food operation area are clear and the install was quick and easy and with no disruption to our business. Suppliers and visitors to our kitchens have been interested and impressed with the handles and we have seen a reduction in staff absence from colds and flu-like symptoms as a result of the install.”

The cost of installing several Hygiene Handles around your site is minimal, but the savings it can make are significant. So, if you want to use Hygiene as a competative advantage, then contact us today to discuss your requirements on 02392 299 100 or info@purehold.co.uk


Purehold launches NEW antibacterial range!
The new Purehold PULL handle and PUSH plate use silver ion technology to combat pathogens deposited onto the surface by users, killing 99.9% of bacteria!


Hand hygiene is considered one of the most effective interventions to reduce health care associated infections.

[National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA)]


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