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In few places can an infectious bug spread as quickly than in schools and colleges. Schools are a perfect breeding ground for harmful pathogens; often all it takes is one pupil with a cold, or something worse, and after a short amount of time the germs have spread and infected a large number of students and staff. In schools with younger pupils especially, the close-contact nature of how children interact makes the spread of germs inevitable.

A serious consequence of the ease to which germs can be spread is an increase in absences. If children become ill they are forced to take time off school and so can fall behind and suffer academically. In addition the absence of a teacher can cause interruption to the curriculum, and valuable time can be taken up with organising a replacement. This can also cost schools financially.

Reports from the Department for Education have found that teachers, on average, take 8 days off due to illness each year. The same report also found that illness was the most common reason for pupil absence, accounting for 61.3 per cent of all absences. The number of school days lost came to a staggering 35.7 million between autumn 2013 and spring of 2014.

A simple way of achieving a cut in the spread of germs is through improving and increasing hand hygiene. Children are often guilty of poor hand hygiene, especially after visiting the toilet. This is a big factor in the prevalence of illness in schools.  The Pure Hold Hygiene Handle enforces hand hygiene; in effect pre-empting poor hygiene practice. By ensuring hands are cleaned on exit of a toilet, the Hygiene Handle promotes a proactive and responsible attitude and approach to hand cleanliness.


 The Hygiene Handle can be used on a number of doors, such as :

  • Toilet doors (helps minimise germs from exiting the bathroom)
  • Catering area doors (as a final barrier to prevent contaminants entering the catering areas)
  • Canteen doors (helps prevent germs from entering eating areas)
  • Main Facility / Building Entrance (helps reduce germs from even entering the building) 

Education establishments currently benefitting from the Pure Hold Hygiene Handles:


Purehold launches NEW antibacterial range!
The new Purehold PULL handle and PUSH plate use silver ion technology to combat pathogens deposited onto the surface by users, killing 99.9% of bacteria!


Hand hygiene is considered one of the most effective interventions to reduce health care associated infections.

[National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA)]


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