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Pure Hold Hygiene Handle - a unique, revolutionary pull door handle that automatically dispenses sanitising gel

The Pure Hold Hygiene Handle is ideal for use in food processing plants, hospitals, clean rooms and all staff/ public toilets to ensure that hand hygiene is enforced. To direct you to the relevant section of the website, please select your market below :


The concept of a sanitising door handle was originally developed in conjunction with National Health Service (NHS) Infection Prevention specialists but has since expanded into the food processing sector and beyond, helping to greatly reduce the spread of pathogens across numerous industries.

Enforces hand hygiene (in conjunction with existing hand hygiene policies/procedures)
Reduces cross contamination caused by traditional door handles
Increases awareness of the importance of clean hands

Key features of The Pure Hold Hygiene Handle include:

An Intelligent alcohol hand gel delivery system - dispensing the right amount of gel to each user
Strong stainless steel frame (compliant with BS 8424)
Large alcohol hand gel capacity (1200ml) with reserve reservoir
Extremely easy to refill with alcohol gel
Low maintenance
Suitable for installation on FD30 & FD60 fire doors (compliant with BS EN1634-1) 
Independent tests prove the Hygiene Handle to be 98.5% cleaner than a standard door handle


No pull-doors at your facility? Take a look at another product on offer from Pure Hold- the NanoTouch® Self-Cleaning Surface (shown below)! This specialist adhesive surface is perfect for push plates and door handles where the Hygiene Handle may not be suitable.

                                                                  NanoTouch Surface

The Hygiene Handle


Hotels & hospitals have the same challenge as Norovirus strikes again
Yet again Norovirus is making headlines. Three wards at Wye Valley NHS Trust have been closed due to the virus and the outbreaks have been linked to visitors who attended hospital whilst contagious with the virus.

Hospitals get the headlines, but are not the only ones to suffer. Hotels often fall victim, simply due to the number of guests passing through the building, touching doors and other surfaces. And those that cater for larger numbers, whether through coach holidays or have more rooms, are more prone than most due to the number of guests and visitors.


A nine per cent reduction in infection rates as a result of improved hand hygiene could save the NHS £140 million per annum and, most importantly, 450 lives

[The economic case: Implementing near-patient alcohol hand rub your trust, NPSA 2004]


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